Why you don’t need a separate ‘document store’ for your Discourse online community

Industry standard naming conventions for confusing and chaotic shared document stores (official, final, final v7.7)

The Tragedy of The Commons

The Tragedy of the Commons is a phenomenon with which people who run communities are probably familiar. It’s the sad state of affairs that when something belongs to ‘everybody’, nobody takes care of it.

Experience with Discourse and Alfresco

When I was setting up the Digital Health Networks on Discourse for the CCIO Network, on behalf of Digital Health Intelligence we also tried to set up Alfresco as a parallel file storage platform because of exactly this perceived user need for a file store.

You don’t need ‘file storage’ when you’ve got Discourse

Using a forum for your file storage is a completely different and much better proposition to a ‘directory’ style of document dump. Because the nature of these uploads is that they’re part of a conversation, it’s much more likely that you can make sense of them when reading back later.



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Marcus Baw

Marcus Baw

#HIT100 NHS GP | Clinical Informatician | Ruby & Python dev | co-founder NHSbuntu & openGPSoC | Freelance Health IT